ABOUT... Enhancing Your Business or Organization


STEP 1: $10.00 per year for DOMAIN NAME (website)

STEP 2: $50.00 per year for WEBHOSTING $4.17 per month

STEP 3: $140.00 per page for WEBSITE DESIGN (words and eight (8) photos unaltered)

Signed contract

50% deposit

Once completed, along with your approval, website will be uploaded!!!

$70.00 per hour for OTHER WEB DESIGN SERVICES (Picture alteration, animation, sound, and website updates)

…AND REMEMBER, outside of your initial website design the cost is only $60 a year to keep your website up 24/7 worldwide.

$70.00 per hour for additional web services (after 30-day final approval date) such as animation, sound, graphics, Photo alteration, video streaming, slides, uploads to web hosting service, credit card service (PAYPAL), altering pictures, blogs, mobile device

$40.00 per business stationery design (envelopes, labels, letterhead, postcards, etc.)

$20.00 per business card design and uploading to Vista Print